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Building Maintenance


Anglo- seal - clear waterproofer for brickwork


Formulated to allow treated surfaces to breath

Prevents concrete cracking and powdering after freezing and thawing

Gives long term protection against harmful UV rays on wood

Assists in preventing brickwork and concrete break up and efflorescence


Concourse Cleaner - Floor maintainer     


Fresh Floral Fragrance Polymer Enhanced

Economical And Easy To Use

Spray Or Mop Application

For all polished Lino, PVC, Rubber, Sealed cork, Sealed wood, Terrazzo & Thermo plastic tiles

Prolongs the life of Evershine floor polish

Can be sprayed or mopped

Easily burnished to a high gloss


Everseal - Polyurethane floor seal


Use to seal concrete, wood and brick

High polyurethane content for superior toughness and protection

Easy to apply and maintain. Quick drying

Prevents concrete from dusting and breaking up

High gloss, long lasting, non-slip finish.

Available in red, grey, green and clear.


Evershine - Metalised Floor Polish/Maintainer


Super High Solids Gives A Long Lasting High Gloss Finish

Excellent Strength And Durability

Responds Brilliantly To All Spray Buffing Techniques

Cross-Linked Formula Will Not Discolour, Slip Resistant, Non Yellowing

Excellent Coverage -1 Litre Will Cover Up To 60 Sq. Meters

Easy to apply with mop or lambs wool applicator

Can be applied to vinyl, sealed wood, and tiles


Everstrip - Ammonia Free Floor Stripper


No Choking Ammonia Fume

A Pleasant Pine Needle Aroma

Low Foam Formula

Ideal For Use With Floor Scrubbing Machines And Suction Dryers

Removes Old Polish

Modern Chelating Action Unlocks Metallised Polishes

Economical Can Be Diluted Up To 10:1 With Hot Water

Versatile Can Also Be Used To Remove Impacted Dirt From Concrete


Epoxy Repair Compound - Permanent Floor Repairs       


Provides an impervious and permanent bond

Four times stronger than concrete

Six times more abrasion resistant

Slip resistant surface

Non shrinking or cracking

Bonds to concrete, metal and wood

Resistant to chemicals and oils

Can be applied down to 1/8 thick

Repairs concrete flagstones or tiled floors

Anchors machinery

Fills gaps, cracks and holes

Use for concrete and stone surfaces


Fast Set - Fast Setting Waterproof Concrete Powder


Especially formulated for quick setting

Easy to apply, simply mix with water

Putty like consistency enables easy application

Can be applied in the wet


Ice Buster-Super Fast Ice Melting Granules       


Comes in a watertight container

Long shelf life

Easy to use

Will not refreeze above 25o

Variable grain size gives extended melting ability

A safer alternative to salt as it will nto cause damage or whitening

Eight times faster than salt


Line Marker - Quick Drying Marking Paint                   


Multi purpose line marking paint various colours

Suitable for exterior and interior use

Use on concrete, asphalt, bitumen or tarmac

Use on hardwood and sealed floors

Large 700ml can

Quick drying, high, bright finish

Use with transfers for instructions on car parks etc

Use to line walkways, to mark plant rooms and industrial units

Floor marking machines available on request


Mr.Mossoff - Moss And Algae Killer  


Water Based Contains no caustics, acids or bleaches

Non-staining and safe on glass and most paints

Non Flammable

Residual Action Effective for several months

Economical dilute 1:10 with water.


Road & Pave - Instant Road & Tarmac Repair   


Instantly repairs all size potholes and cracks

Gives permanent durable repair even in freezing temperatures

Hardens only with tamping

Will not go off if container lid is left off

Use around manholes, gullies  and roadways, warehouse floors and yards

Use on tarmac, concrete, brick and stone

Use in any weather conditions.


Roof Repair Compound - All Weather Roof Repair


A fast and permanent repair for all flat and bitumastic roofs

Apply in all weather conditions

Remains pliable and flexible in all weathers

Non flammable

Saves on costly call out charges

Can be applied under water

Re-sealable container

No thinning, stirring or heating

Use on felt, gravel, concrete and metal

For roof areas and pipework

Use on guttering, stack pipes and heat vents


GREASE GOBBLER - THE DRAINMAINTENANCE SYSTEM WITH TEETHA new and safe treatment for your grease traps, septic and waste water

tanks. The gobbler contains an amazing10 million bacteria per 1mil of product, that quickly digests grease and odour causing bacteria. We have incorporated the latest four strains of intelligent enzymes, which have the ability to hibernate if the presence of caustics and bleach are detected and will resume digestion when the hazard has passed.


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