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Grease Gobbler- Biological Fat And Grease Digester       


Makes grease traps work more efficiently

Destroys odour in all drains and cesspits quickly

Contains the latest four strains of intelligent micro-organisms

An amazing 10 million micro- organisms per 1mil of product

The natural way to purify your drain

Use in conjunction with our dosing machine

Once a week powder pack available


Kamikazi - Toilet Cleaner / Descaler  


A Concentrated Liquid Descaler And  Cleaner

Quickly Removes Limescale And Organic Deposits from Toilets, Urinals And Sanitary Ware

Will Also Descale Kettles And Shower Heads Safely

Care Should Be Taken When Using On Chrome And Stainless Steel

Use to remove effervescent from brickwork

Will etch concrete prior to painting


Sister Sludge - Liquid Mud & Silt Remover                                     


A thick antibacterial liquid that removes mud and silt from drains and sewer lines

Quickly removes mud and silt from lines to ensure maximum flow

Biodegradable, environmentally safe

Easy to use

1 litres will move half a tonne of silt and sand

Will keep sand and silt liquid so it can be easily pumped out


Three D - Toilet/Shower Descaler Disinfectant                                


Descales, deodourises and disinfects

Concentrated for rapid results and reduced labour costs

Fresh fragrance

Descales toilet bowls, urinals and showers

Helps keep pipes free running

Disinfects, and helps eliminate objectionable odours

Kills harmful bacteria

Removes organic material and algae


Tornado - Sulphuric Acid Drain Opener                           


Dense liquid sinks to the blockage

Dissolves most blockages, include hair, scale, fat, paper, grease and silt

Use to clear blockages, pipes, sinks, gullies, grease traps, toilets

Use on a regular basis to keep pipes scale and fat free and clean running

Concentrated liquid drain opener recommended for shock dosage as well as for preventative maintenance


U-Bio - Biological Urinal Tablets         


Lasts a long time, up to six weeks per tablet

Does not evaporate or dry out

Usable in all types of systems

Is not corrosive to chrome or enamel

Does not leave stains

Prevents the formation of scale and odour has a pleasant perfume

Built in indicator tells you when the tablet needs changing

Packaged in individually wrapped sachets

Stimulates all systems, be it septic tanks or direct to waste

Favourises the biological activity in drains, dead ends etc       


Whirlwind - Non Acid Drain Opener

Drain Unblocker


For preventative maintenance or shock dose treatment

Harmless to pipes, rubbers and plastics

Odourless no smell and non fuming

Dissolves fats and greases, hair and paper

Strong, powerful, dense liquid

Easy to use

Ideal for use in kitchens and enclosed areas


GREASE GOBBLER - THE DRAINMAINTENANCE SYSTEM WITH TEETH A new and safe treatment for your grease traps, septic and waste water

tanks. The gobbler contains an amazing10 million bacteria per 1mil of product, that quickly digests grease and odour causing bacteria. We have incorporated the latest four strains of intelligent enzymes, which have the ability to hibernate if the presence of caustics and bleach are detected and will resume digestion when the hazard has passed.


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