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Grease N Maintenance


Ali-Zinc - Spray Protective Coating


Prevents corrosion

Easy to use

Can be used to tough up marred, hot, galvanised surfaces

Long shelf life does not go solid in can

Protects, welds on both bare metal and previously galvanised surface


Clear Guard - Clear Protective Coating                                           


Provides a clear protective acrylic plastic coating


Waterproofing properties

Helps prevent colour fading on drawings, maps, blue prints and paper

Flexible film will not crack

Long lasting protection

Will resist acids, alkalis, alcohol, water, oils and grease

Aids against corrosion, oxidization and tarnishing

Helps prevent wear and handling damage on metal, wood, paper and painted surfaces

Moisture proofs electrical connectors, spark plugs and battery terminals

Use as a printed circuit lacquer on printed circuit boards

Protects finished parts in storage

Quick Drying


Ewoll - Thick Black Exposed Gear Oil                              


Excellent coverage and penetration on low speed gears

High build grease at low temperatures

General purpose lubricant

Protective grease

Insoluble in water

Ideal on open gears, bearings, pivots, linkages and most slow running moving equipment


Food Lube - Food Plant & Chain Lubricant                                     


Formulated of completely edible and safe constituents

Use in all areas and types of food plant

Is non toxic, odourless, tasteless and colourless

Non-tainting and non-irritating

Stable in a wide range of temperatures

Excellent anti static properties

Silicon free

Use whilst machinery is running, will not fling off


Hi-Al - High Temp Anti Seize Aluminium Lubricant          

High temperature resistance up to 500oC

Water repellent resists water wash out

Does not use heavy metals

Safe to handle

Easy to use

Saves threads from seizing

Avoids costly re-tapping and threading

Long shelf life

Prevents corrosion

Penetrates and frees nuts, bolts and moving parts


Maintenance Spray - Lubricate, Penetrate, Protect.                        


Multi purpose product means saving of time and money

Contains a blend of penetrating solvents

Contains water dispersing agents

Penetrates deeply to prevent moisture traps

Leaves protective film to waterproof surfaces

Contains corrosion inhibitors

Lubricates moving parts


Mr.Sticky - Contact Spray Adhesive                                                 


No heating or mixing required

Ready to use

Permanent and semi permanent adhesion

Convenient aerosol packaging

Stable in aerosol long shelf life

Easy to use

Adjustable spray nozzle 3 spray widths


P.T.F.E.Dry Lube - Quick Drying Slippery Film                 


Excellent anti-corrosive properties and anti-seize protection

Gives exceptional dry film lubrication

Prevents sticking

Dries quickly


Excellent anti-friction surface properties

Safe on most metals, rubber, wood, leather, glass, plastic, fibreglass and paintwork

Effective in a wide temperature range

Repels moisture, water, oil, dirt and dust


P.T.F.E. With Graffite - Super Non Stick Surface              


Revolutionary formulation

Contains molybdenum disulphide

No grease or oil attraction

Stable up to 250oF

Safe on most metals

Excellent chemical resistance

Touch dry in 5 minutes

Ready to use in 20 30 minutes

Coating adheres to flexible surfaces

Gives an excellent dry graphite, dry lubricant coating to a dry slippery film


Rust Away Rust Converter


Fast action oxide metal converter

Stops and terminates the advancement of rust on metals

Can be painted over

Low odour can be applied by spray or brush


Silicon Liquid - Silicon Lubricant/Release Agent                        


Creates a non stick surface

Use as a concentrated polish for wood and vinyl

Can prevent heat burns on some surfaces

Surfaces can resist glues, labels, inks, paints and water

Use to lubricate hinges and other moving parts

Reduces surface friction

Use in slides, valves, switches and vending machines

Use as a mould release agent





A new and safe treatment for your

grease traps, septic and waste water

tanks. The gobbler contains an amazing

 10 million micro - organisms to every

1 ml of product, that quickly digests

grease and odour causing bacteria.

We have incorporated the latest four

strains of intelligent enzymes, which

have the ability to hibernate if the

presence of caustics and bleach are

detected and will resume digestion

when the hazard has passed.


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