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Absorb - Deodorising Sponge For Water Based Fluids


Absorb is bactericidal, bacteriostatic, biodegradable

Inactivates the HIV virus

Instantly binds and deodourises the worst type of accidents leaving being a fresh floral fragrance

Quickly and easily cleans up vomit, incontinency, blood, food and liquid spillages

Absorb is easily picked up from carpets and all types of floors with a scraper or hoover

Absorb restricts pipe leaks and flooding




Natural Citrus Water Based  Degreaser  

Fresh Citrus Fragrance

Powerful Deodoriser

Removes Grease, Oil, Fats and Grime


Anglo Fresh – Fabric Softener


Can be used in all washing machines

Leaves clothes soft and fresh


Anglo Pearl Bactericidal Soap   


Pearlised, bactericidal hand lotion

Unperfumed for use especially in food areas, hospitals and nursing homes

Produces a rich later in seconds

Manufactured from natural vegetables and neutral synthetic surfactants

Gives a mild and excellent cleaning action to the skin


Anglo Pine  -  Pine Disinfectant


Kills malodorous smells & leaves fresh pine smell

Conforms to BS 6424 grade Q.A.P  30

Effective against pseudomonas aeruginosa Escherichia coli & staphylococcus aureus

Use to disinfect  floors, drains & refuse bins

Use on work tops and wall


Bathroom Cleaner - Bactericidal Foam Cleaner



Cleans and freshens

For use on all baths, sinks, ceramics and enamelled surfaces


Buff - Luxury Furniture Polish                                                          

Rich creamy furniture polish

Ozone friendly

Builds a deep gloss on all furniture

Bring to shine with a duster

Resists dusts and finger marks

Feeds and restores shine to faded furniture

Cleans and shines in one

Pleasant waxy perfume

Use on desks, cabinets, vinyl, melamine, paint surfaces and marble


Captain Bogwash - Thick Toilet Cleaner           


Viscous formula clings for more thorough action

Cleans, descales and disinfects wash room areas

Suitable for use on all toilet bowls, urinals, stainless steel and chrome fittings

Directional nozzle reaches under the rim easily

Leaves Toilets, Urinals And Sanitary Ware Clean And Fresh


Concourse Cleaner - Floor Maintainer


Fresh Floral Fragrance Polymer Enhanced

Economical And Easy To Use

Spray Or Mop Application

For all polished Lino, PVC, Rubber, Sealed cork, Sealed wood, Terrazzo & Thermo plastic tiles

Prolongs the life of Evershine floor polish

Can be sprayed or mopped

Easily burnished to a high gloss


Control I - Organic Odour Eliminator  


Control I was developed to give immediate relief from foul smells

Enzyme action digests organic matter

Safe on most surfaces including fabrics

Non Staining on all fabrics

Ideal for removing odours caused as a result from body fluid spillages

Instant odour relief from male urinals

One application per week


Everbowl Peach - Thick Peach Bowl Cleaner  


Fresh Peach Fragrance

No Acid Or Bleach Fumes

Biodegradable and Phosphate Free

Safe On Stainless Steel and Chrome Fittings

Dissolves Watermarks, Scale And Soap Scum. Will Polish To A Superior Shine

Economical - Can Be Diluted 10:1 to clean shower tiles, to remove watermarks and soap scum

Safe To Use Mild Formulation Is Safer To Use Than Harsh Acids And Bleach

Viscous Formula. Thick Clinging Action For More A Most Effective Clean


Everfoam - Biocidal Foaming Cleaner


Fresh fragrance

Suitable in catering areas

Cuts through grease and grime

Active foam assists through cleaning

Can be used on most fabrics

Ideal pre-spotter for carpets

Effective sanitising action


Everfreeze - Rapid Freeze Spray/Gum Remover                        


Rapid freezing – freezes down to –80oC

Removes chewing gum and other sticky deposits

Quick and easy to use

Use on carpets and furnishings

Will not damage fabrics or plastics

Can be used in electric and component assembly testing


Everfresh -  All Surface Cleaner/Sanitiser


Fresh Lemon Fragrance. Prevents hard water build up

Effective Sanitising

Formulated for Hand Use

Eliminates Unpleasant Smell   Sources

Phosphates Free. Environmentally Friendly. Biodegradable

Can be used for Regular Cleaning and Sanitising all Ceramic, Laminated and Stainless Steel Surfaces


Everpearl Lemon - Luxury Liquid Hand Soap


A Luxury Rich Lathering Hand Soap Softens And Conditions Dry Skin

A Hand Soap To Enhance Any Washroom

Mild, Rich, Deep Cleansing Lather

Ideal For Use As An All Over Body Shampoo

Pleasant Fragrance. Available In Peach, Floral, or Lemon

Doesn’t Form Scum In Hard Water

Can Be Used In Workshops And Offices


Evershine - Metalised Floor Polish/Maintainer


Super High Solids Gives A Long Lasting High Gloss Finish

Excellent Strength And Durability

Responds Brilliantly To All Spray Buffing Techniques

Cross-Linked Formula Will Not Discolour, Slip Resistant, Non Yellowing

Excellent Coverage -1 Litre Will Cover Up To 60 Sq. Meters

Easy to apply with mop or lambs wool applicator

Can be applied to vinyl, sealed wood, and tiles


Everstrip - Ammonia Free Floor Stripper


No Choking Ammonia Fumes

A Pleasant Pine Needle Aroma

Low Foam Formula

Ideal For Use With Floor Scrubbing Machines And Suction Dryers

Removes Old Polish

Modern Chelating Action “ Unlocks “ Metallised Polishes

Economical Can Be Diluted Up To 10:1 With Hot Water

Versatile Can Also Be Used To Remove Impacted Dirt From Concrete 


Excalibur – H/D Floor & Wall Cleaner


Strong Fresh Lemon Fragrance.

Cuts Through The Heaviest Of Grease

Excellent For Hard To Clean non slip Plastic And Vinyl   School  & College Floors.

Ideal For Engine And Plant Cleaning

Disperses And Dissolves Fats And Oil.

Lifts Diesel And Oil From Surfaces.


Extracto - Low Foaming Carpet Cleaner


A Pre Spotter For Water Based Stains

Emulsifies And Dissolves Soils For Easy Pick Up

Special Brighteners Renew Carpet And Fabric Colours

Extends Time Between Shampoos

Ideal For All Hot Water Extraction Machines

Pleasant Fragrance


Furniture Polish - St.Stl., Wood & Plastic Polish                              


Cleans and shines with a wipe

Use to clean, shine and protect

For use on furniture, tile, marble, stainless steel and most plastic and vinyl coated materials


Glass Brite - Machine Beer Glass Cleaner


Specially formulated for enclosed glass washing machines

Leaves glasses sparkling clean and taint free

Economical – 300:1 dilution rate

Soak away unsightly stains from crockery and utensil 


Glass Cleaner - Quick No Smear Cleaner


For use on all windows, mirrors, windscreens, VDU’s, ceramic tiles, chrome etc

Fast acting with no smears

 Also comes in handy to use trigger spray


Graffiti Remover - Low Odour Formulation


Contains Natural Citrus Oils – Low Odour

No Choking Fumes – Ideal For Interior Use

Effective Against Most Forms Of Graffiti

Removes All Inks, Paint, Crayon, & Ball Points

Gel Formulation - Clings To Vertical Surfaces

Safe On Plastic And Painted Surfaces

Also available in wipes for easy use


Graffiti Wipes         -Non Hazardous Graffiti Remover  


Removes graffiti and paint in one easy step

Graffiti wipes is the latest innovation for combating graffiti

A powerful cleaning formula that lifts deeply impregnated graffiti and varnish

Does not contain acetate or amyl or chlorate of methylene that allows the cloths to be used with complete safety

A non toxic and non flammable formula, completely safe and biodegradable

Odourless cloths – do not give off nauseating fumes

Abrasive material without scratching

The cloths retain their moisture which allows them to be used to complete the job


Ice Buster-Super Fast Ice Melting Granules       


Comes in a watertight container

Long shelf life

Easy to use

Will not refreeze above –25o

Variable grain size gives extended melting ability

A safer alternative to salt as it will not cause damage or whitening

Eight times faster than salt


Kamikazi - Toilet Cleaner / Descaler  


A Concentrated Liquid Descaler And  Cleaner

Quickly Removes Limescale And Organic Deposits from Toilets, Urinals And Sanitary Ware

Will Also Descale Kettles And Shower Heads Safely·        Care Should Be Taken When Using On Chrome And Stainless Steel

Use to remove effervescent from brickwork

Will etch concrete prior to painting


Lemon Room Reodouriser - Super Concentrated Air Spray


Concentrated lemon re-odouriser

Fresh fragrance

More powerful than most aerosols

Longer lasting odour control

Nozzle designed to eliminate wasteful spraying

Safe plastic container


Major Kill - Residual Action Insecticide


Kills fleas, beetles, cockroaches, ants, ticks, flies etc

Environmentally friendly

Long residual activity

Suitable for domestic use

Will kill crawling and flying insects

Water based fast acting spray


New Image – Metal Cleaner/Polish  


Quick and easy to use foam

Leaves no marks on wood or plastic

Leaves a protective coating

Removes tarnishing and rust marks

Use on brass, chrome and stainless steel

Ideal for pubs, clubs, hotels, schools, boats, amusement arcades and kitchens

Small cans, easy to handle

Pong-Go Biocidal Odour Control


Powerful – very effective, works first time.

Economical – dilutes up to 100:1

Versatile – can be used on any water safe surface

Double Action – Deodorises and disinfects in one operation

Fragranced – To freshen and sweeten drains and settling tanks

Biodegradable – Environmentally friendly


Repel - Cleaner With Anti Dust Coating


Effective cleaner for non-porous surfaces

Cost effective packaging – spray or wipe options

Surfaces cleaned remain clean longer

Resists build up of scale and body fat deposits

Prevents build up of mildew and fungus

Use on glass to make re-cleaning easier

Use to bring resistant finish to vinyl and painted surfaces

Use on tiles, chrome, brass and stainless steel to resist dirt and finger marks

Use on point of sale items as a car finish

Dust and water repellents

High shine properties


Soft & Brite - Liquid Laundry Detergent                                           


Specially formulated for institutional applications

Powerful cleaning agents for a whiter wash

Non-biological – enzyme free

Use particularly in nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, factories etc


Spray N Wipe - Perfumed All Surface & Brass Cleaner


Fast action bactericidal cleaner

Removes grease and grime fro all hard surfaces – work tops, vinyl, melamine, stainless steel etc


Steel Safe - St.Stl, Chrome & Aluminium Cleaner    


Cleans metal without discolouration or etching

Especially formulated to clean stainless steel and aluminium

Use to clean brass, copper and chrome

Removes oils, grease, animal fats and scale

Use on stainless urinals, kitchen equipment, vehicle bodies

Use to clean metal stock prior to fabrication

Ideal for use in dip tanks


Steamy Windows - Anti Misting Spray


Will keep mist away from windows and glass for up to 2 months

For use on all car windscreens, coach windows, bathroom mirrors and kitchens

Use in all areas where condensation is a problem

Will not cause the screen to twinkle or deflect head lights 


Super-San – Cleaner /  Sanitiser  /  De-Odouriser


 Effective Against  M.R.S.A., Salmonella And Many More. Ask For Detailed Report

Thick Pink Emulsion, Easy To Use, Leaves A Lasting Pine Freshness

 Powerful Disinfecting  Properties - Ideal All  Surface Bathroom Cleaner

Cleans, Deodorises And Freshens All Floor Coverings And Furnishings

 Mild, Kind To Skin, Will Not Affect Paintwork, Floors Or Fabrics

 Suitable For Use In All Areas.  Wherever Clean Sanitary Conditions Are Required


Sunset Creamed Cleaner                                  


Fresh lemon smell

Rapidly cleans and polishes many surfaces

Leaves surfaces clean and bright

Safe on vitreous enamel

Safe on soft metals

Very economical, only need to use small amounts

Buffs to a high shine


Three D - Toilet/Shower Descaler Disinfectant     


Descales, deodourises and disinfects

Concentrated for rapid results and reduced labour costs

Fresh fragrance

Descales toilet bowls, urinals and showers

Helps keep pipes free running

Disinfects, and helps eliminate objectionable odours

Kills harmful bacteria

Removes organic material and algae





A new and safe treatment for your

grease traps, septic and waste water

tanks. The gobbler contains an amazing

 8 million micro - organisms to every

1 ml of product, that quickly digests

grease and odour causing bacteria.

We have incorporated the latest four

strains of intelligent enzymes, which

have the ability to hibernate if the

presence of caustics and bleach are

detected and will resume digestion

when the hazard has passed.


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