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Odour Control


Anglo Pine  -  Pine Disinfectant


Kills malodorous smells & leaves fresh pine smell

Conforms to BS 6424 grade Q.A.P  30

Effective against pseudomonas aeruginosa Escherichia coli & staphylococcus aureus

Use to disinfect  floors, drains & refuse bins

Use on work tops and walls


Caribbean - Powerful Citrus De-Odouriser


Highly Concentrated For Economical Dilution From 1:50 To 1:300

Caribbean provides potent odour control with all natural ingredients

Caribbean is non toxic and non allergenic

Water emulsifiable for ease and versatility in use

Safe to use on all surfaces non staining


Control I - Organic Odour Eliminator  


Control I was developed to give immediate relief from foul smells

Enzyme action digests organic matter

Safe on most surfaces including fabrics

Non Staining on all fabrics

Ideal for removing odours caused as a result from body fluid spillages

Instant odour relief from male urinals

One application per week


Everfoam - Biocidal Foaming Cleaner                            


Fresh fragrance

Suitable in catering areas

Cuts through grease and grime

Active foam assists through cleaning

Can be used on most fabrics

Ideal pre-spotter for carpets

Effective sanitising action


 Everfresh -  All Surface Cleaner/Sanitiser


Fresh Lemon Fragrance. Prevents hard water build up

Effective Sanitising

Formulated for Hand Use

Eliminates Unpleasant Smell   Sources

Phosphates Free. Environmentally Friendly. Biodegradable

Can be used for Regular Cleaning and Sanitising all Ceramic, Laminated and Stainless Steel Surfaces


Eversan - Food Area Sanitiser / Cleaner


Sanitises food contact surfaces

Cleans, disinfects and de-odorises in one operation

Low odour formulation, will not taint food

Biodegradable. Food grade sanitiser

Kills food contaminating bacteria including Psuedomonas, Aeruginosa Salmonella enteriditis, Typhi, Listeria,

monocytpgenes, Legiionella  pnuemophila, and M.R.S.A

Kills odour forming material

Emulsifies animal and vegetable fat. Effective in all types of water

Economical use up to 300:1 for light soils and 80:1 for general cleaning sanitising


Pong-Go Biocidal Odour Control


Powerful very effective, works first time.

Economical dilutes up to 100:1

Versatile can be used on any water safe surface

Double Action Deodorises and disinfects in one operation

Fragranced To freshen and sweeten drains and settling tanks

Biodegradable Environmentally friendly


Super-San Cleaner /  Sanitiser  /  De-Odouriser


Effective Against  M.R.S.A., Salmonella And Many More. Ask For Detailed Report

Thick Pink Emulsion, Easy To Use, Leaves A Lasting Pine Freshness

Powerful Disinfecting  Properties - Ideal All  Surface Bathroom Cleaner

Cleans, Deodorises And Freshens All Floor Coverings And Furnishings

Mild, Kind To Skin, Will Not Affect Paintwork, Floors Or Fabrics

Suitable For Use In All Areas.  Wherever Clean Sanitary Conditions Are Required





A new and safe treatment for your

grease traps, septic and waste water

tanks. The gobbler contains an amazing

 10 million micro - organisms to every

1 ml of product, that quickly digests

grease and odour causing bacteria.

We have incorporated the latest four

strains of intelligent enzymes, which

have the ability to hibernate if the

presence of caustics and bleach are

detected and will resume digestion

when the hazard has passed.


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