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Battery Protector -  Cleans, Protects & Detects            


Maintains battery life

Cleans and protects terminals

Acid leakage indicator

Indicator turns from green to red on acid leak

Use to clean dirt from battery surfaces


Hi-Al - High Temp Anti Seize Aluminium Lubricant          


High temperature resistance up to 500oC

Water repellent – resists water wash out

Does not use heavy metals

Safe to handle

Easy to use

Saves threads from seizing

Avoids costly re-tapping and threading

Long shelf life

Prevents corrosion

Penetrates and frees nuts, bolts and moving parts


Ice Away - Sub Zero Windscreen & Lock De-icer                             


Advanced formular clears frost and ice from windscreens and windows

Use to unfreeze lock mechanisms

Powerful jet spray to reach truck windscreens

Free from methanol

Will not damage bodywork, rubber, PVC or glass

Ozone friendly, contains no chloroflurocarbons


Maintenance Spray - Lubricate, Penetrate, Protect.                        


Multi purpose product means saving of time and money

Contains a blend of penetrating solvents

Contains water dispersing agents

Penetrates deeply to prevent moisture traps

Leaves protective film to waterproof surfaces

Contains corrosion inhibitors

Lubricates moving parts


Mr.Brakey - Evaporating Brake & Clutch Cleaner                            


Contains no Trich III

Controlled evaporation, therefore will not damage or “wet out” electronic sensors

Low surface tension, quickly lifts out brake fluid

Will not damage adhesive holding on lining because of quick evaporatio

Can be used on clutch plates


Screen Wash - Windscreen Washer Additive                                 

De-ices windscreens

Cleans windscreens without smears

Prevents windscreen washers freezing in winter conditions

Will go down to -15


Steamy Windows - Anti Misting Spray


Will keep mist away from windows and glass for up to 2 months

For use on all car windscreens, coach windows, bathroom mirrors and kitchens

Use in all areas where condensation is a problem

Will not cause the screen to twinkle or deflect head lights


Surface Dressing - Gel Bumper/Vinyl Polish                                    


Restores placti and vinyl surfaces to a glossy finish

Modern, refined waxes give a long lasting buffable finish

Gel formulation – easy to apply

Gives economical usage with no mess or over spray

Pleasant fragrance


Trucker – Vehicle Wash                                                                   


Non caustic formulation

Foaming action clings to surface for more thorough and faster cleaning

Effective in hard and soft water areas

Can also be used on interior surfaces, upholstery, vinyl and carpets

Phosphate and formaldehyde free


Pre dilute 1:4 before applying with pressure washer


Wash & Guard - Vehicle Wash & Protective Coating        


Specially formulated protective coating

Repels water

Keeps shine on vehicle

Suitable in hard and soft water areas

Ideal for cars or trucks

Economical in use

Also suitable for canopies and bus shelters


GREASE GOBBLER - THE DRAINMAINTENANCE SYSTEM WITH TEETHA new and safe treatment for your grease traps, septic and waste water

tanks. The gobbler contains an amazing10 million bacteria per 1mil of product, that quickly digests grease and odour causing bacteria. We have incorporated the latest four strains of intelligent enzymes, which have the ability to hibernate if the presence of caustics and bleach are detected and will resume digestion when the hazard has passed.


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